Art Walk~Nov 2nd

Art Walk ~ Nov 2, 2012                                                

Join us on Friday, Nov 2nd – 6-10 pm for a super downtown Art Walk! Meet our artists, sample great goodies at the food table and enjoy the entertainment….

Fire Spinners ~ Brett Wilson & company +                      Peter Christensen ~ Celtic Guitar +                                  Jesse McRae ~ singer/songwriter

                                                                                       ’Fiddlin’ Around’ ~ oil by Ria Harboe

Art Walk Oct 5th

Art Walk this Friday, October 5th!

Join Artisans for Art Walk this coming Friday 6-10 pm and share the fun, meet some artists, hear some great local music, taste-test some finger food and peruse the selection of wonderful local items from fantastic talented artisans.

See you there!!!  (*.*)                



 by ‘Ali’s Glass Designs’

Featured Artist

Artisans proudly presents ‘Alison Hoagland’ who joined us right in the beginning of our journey in 2011 – click Here for full feature.

Alison Hoagland – Ali’s Glass Designs


About the Artist

Alison Hoagland has had a lifelong interest in the arts ranging from ceramics, painting, drawing and her pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy at Marylhurst College in 1997.  In time, she found that working with glass was her medium of choice and passion and in 2003 built her own glass blowing studio and founded Ali’s Glass Designs.  It is her hope to create objects of beauty that will touch the soul and create wonder.